Archdiocese of Chicago pedophile priest documents

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune wrote a wonderful column about the newly released documents on victims of pedophile priests in the Chicago area.

Here’s a particularly poignant quote from one of the victims:
‘Part of the release of these files, my hope is that there will be less victims in the future and people will stop putting the reputation of the institution above the welfare of the children.’


Karen Lewis and the Chicago Teachers Union


There’s been much flooding in the Chicagoland area . . .


Rahm Emanuel takes out television ads about teacher strike

Rahm and Karen Lewis continue to battle as CTU strike continues

Chicago Teacher Union strike continues . . .

I have 3 family members (two that teach in the Wisconsin public school system) and some good friends that are school teachers. Nothing is more important for future adults than an outstanding education. Everyone knows teachers that have mentored them and positively affected their future lives. The teachers I know entered the field to contribute and make a difference. A great teacher deserves every penny of an adequate income and wonderful benefits afforded them.

With that said, here’s an illustration for those that dare to join the profession for the┬ámonetary benefits alone.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union Strike

The loveable loser Cubs

Some readers of the Chicago Tribune believer the only way to encourage the Cubs to win is to stop attending ball games. Never gonna happen . . .

Roaring Art Institute Lions

If you climb the lions that guard the entrance to the Art Institute of Chicago in hopes of someone snapping a most perfect shot of you in Chicago, the lions will roar at you indicating that you had better get down or the police will be called.

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