B.B. King passes on . . .

And, he’s left his amazing blues for all of us. Rest in peace, B.B.



David Letterman retires after 33 years May 20, 2015

I’ve been watching Late Night with David Letterman for all 33 years. He has been a part of my evening routine and is responsible for my sleep deprivation of years past. Julia Roberts summed up Letterman’s personality when she said, “Stupid people annoy you.” His shows could be poignant, silly, interesting.

First The Colbert Report ends, soon Jon Stewart will be retiring and Letterman will be gone. All 3 of these talk show hosts kept the dialogue going about current events. There will be a huge void!


Leonard Nimoy dies . . . rest in peace, Mr. Spock


Je suis Charlie . . .

Solidarity for those executed for having an opinion.


Photojournalist James Wright Foley . . . 1973-2014

This story is heartbreaking. The short life of James Foley reveals a man that was truly selfless. To quote from a headline on page one of the Chicago Tribune, ” . . . hailed for courage, resolve to report on life in war zones.”

Rest in peace, James Foley.

Lauren Bacall . . . rest in peace!


Robin Williams . . . rest in peace

Robin Williams has entertained all of us with his brilliant comedy and acting ability for almost 40 years. His performances in both Dead Poets’ Society and Good Will Hunting are beyond compare.

Rest in peace . . . you will be missed.