A tribute to my father on Memorial Day

Hope everyone goes to the Red Lion Pub on Lincoln Avenue to see my Dad’s tribute as well as tributes to soldier of World War I and II.

Jennifer M Kohnke/illustrator


On the left is a photo of my Dad, Leonard J. Kohnke. I’m guessing it’s from about 1941 or 1942 when he was enlisted in the army during World War II. On the right is my portrait of my Dad. I love him very much, miss him terribly and am so proud of him. Today in particular, I want to pay tribute to him and all those before and after him who served our country.

My dad, Leonard J. Kohnke, was a wonderful man. He grew up in Chicago, one of 5 children. And, when World War II began, he enlisted in the army. Dad served four years overseas in the Battle of the Bulge, Kasserine Pass, in Morocco, Italy, England, played a part in liberating a concentration camp and was part of the 634th anti-aircraft artillery automatic weapons battalion “cited for outstanding performance of duty against the enemy from 16-21 December…

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