Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi faces coup


One Comment on “Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi faces coup”

  1. Ellen Thomas says:

    OMG How about the Egyptian President. Couldn’t believe when I saw the news tonight. I really don’t understand that whole senereo. Seems like the entire world is going to hell. Then yesterday my faith was moved somewhat when I read on the first page of the Trib. where the young boy ran over and killed the 3 year old and after 1 year the little girls parents have forgiven the boy and he will not be jailed but rather on probation and many Community Hours. Gosh it was a moving story. Everything else same. I saw my Doctor again today and have given in to have surgery 2 weeks from today. I am a lab rat. Haven’t gotten in the city at all due to my unability to walk very good. But I am mad enough that I may come in tomarrow or Fri. More likely tomarrow as I have a nurse coming on Fri. Still enjoying my I-Pad and still trying to learn it. Take care, Love, Prayers, Ellie

    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 2:02 PM, Jennifer M Kohnke/illustrator wrote:

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