Supreme Court upholds healthcare law


Nora Ephon R.I.P.

When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle are some of my favorite movies. Nora Ephron was wonderful and her funny insight into human relationships will be missed.

Martin Luther King

Jerry Sandusky in prison for life

Happy 236th Birthday

Farewell to a cherished pet and one’s childhood

This was such a wonderful tribute to a family pet written by Barbara Brotman of the Chicago Tribune:,0,7106477.column

and, here’s my illustration of Scout . . .

LeRoy Neiman 1921-2012 . . . rest in peace

This man was both an amazing artist and a very generous philanthropist.

In May of this year, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago opened the LeRoy Neiman Student Center thanks to a generous gift from LeRoy Neiman and his wife. Mr. Neiman also gave of both his time and talent to a fundraiser the school would hold annually to fund student scholarships. I remember him at a past SAIC BareWalls Fundraiser where he painted one of his Playboy Femlin Pixies. The silent auction of this painting brought in (if I remember right) $7,000.

Rest in peace, LeRoy Neiman. You will be missed . . .

Eric Holder . . . in contempt of Congress

Chicago neighborhood block parties

Midwestern sunset