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Memorial Day

This is my Dad, Leonard J. Kohnke. He was born in 1919 and served in the United States Army for four years during World War II. Among the many duties where the 443rd, C Battallion participated was the Battle of the Bulge, was at Kassarine Pass and his battallion was one of the many U.S. soldiers who liberated the concentration camps near the end of the war. While on a reunion tour with his Battallion in 1986, he saved a rock from the beach at Normandie where his Battallion landed. He taped this to the rock: From the beach of St. Raphael, France 1986. 443rd invasion point.

Dad was in Morocco, Italy, Germany, France and England. I’m so very proud of him. Dad passed away June 27, 1996, and I miss him every day.

Thanks to all the service men over the decades who have made sacrifices to keep us all safe here at home.

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